Leipzig Foam Tester

Leipzig Foam Tester

Leipzig Foam Tester

What is the “Leipzig Foam Tester” ?

Test kit for estimating foaming potential of substrates in biogas plants;
Test bottle, temperature-controlled at 37°C, 55°C or according to customers’ request

Developed by: Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research Leipzig-Halle (UFZ), Germany
Manufactured and distributed by: Eismann and Stoebe GbR, Leipzig, Germany

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Test performance:

Fill test bottle half with fresh, active fermenter culture, add substrate to be tested and close culture bottle as described in the manual.
Place test bottle in the silicone heater and switch LEIPZIG FOAM TESTER on.
Foam evolution in the test bottle during the next hours indicates increased tendency of the substrate to produce foam in the biogas reactor.

Foam in biogas plants (Background):

Foam production in biogas plants can cause excessive damages and costs. Gas pipes can be clogged, sensors and other reactor components can be damaged, fermenter roofs can be lifted up and destroyed. Biogas escaping through safety vents or leakages into the environment is not usable for energy generation.
Foam generation in biogas reactors is often triggered by unknown substrates. The LEIPZIG FOAM TESTER provides a simple way to estimate the foaming potential of a substrate in a laboratory-scale test kit.


(1) Temperature-controlled silicone heater in aluminium housing
(2) Test bottle (glass, 1000 mL) with safety lid
(3) Foam trap
(4) Power adapter 24 V DC for 230 V, 50 Hz or 115 V, 60 Hz